Scene: An authentic Scottish Castle (located somewhere in New Jersey)

Having just led the Scottish forces to victory, all Macbeth wants to do is go home, take a bubble bath and slip into her tartan minidress. Her plans change when she encounters three prognosticating "sisters" who appear to be refugees from Greenwich Village. They tell Macbeth that she will one day become king . . . and the wheels of her ambition are set in motion.

But things get a little hairy when Macbeth's best friend Banquo begins to suspect that she's been up to something. So after she is named king, Macbeth has Banquo bumped off as well. Bad move. Banquo doesn't go down easily and his ghost returns to spoil Macbeth's big night with the nobles.

Meanwhile, back in England, Macduff tries to convince a reticent Malcolm to gather an army and march on Macbeth's castle. Then Ross delivers the news that Macbeth has savagely slaughtered Macduff's wife and kids (again, no great loss if you know them.) Macduff feels duty-bound to avenge their deaths and shows up on Macbeth's door with an amazing announcement about the nature of his birth.

Macbeth is spurred on by her "wife" Lady Macbeth, whose sense of style is as timely as if it were ripped from the pages of a 16th century copy of Vogue. After some trepidation on Macbeth's part, a plot is hatched to murder King Duncan. The loss is not a great one, as Duncan is not all that bright, needing someone to translate Elizabethan language for him. No one will stand in Macbeth's way.

Macbeth seeks out the weird sisters to see if they can offer any comfort. They tell her not to worry, for "no man that's born of woman shall harm Macbeth." (Can you see where this is going?) With unfounded confidence, Macbeth becomes even more ruthless. At the same time, Lady Macbeth begins a downward spiral into madness. (Well, she didn't have far to go.)


Drawing on the tradition of Monty Python and BlackAdder, Macbeth - The Comedy weaves Shakespeare's original language with modern dialogue, adding some new twists along the way.

Who says a girl can't become king?
Will the future kings of Scotland be Jamaican?
And how come only one person in all of Scotland actually speaks with a Scottish accent?
And as if that weren't enough, Macbeth - The Comedy introduces slimy "Lord Kilmarnock" -- the first new Shakespeare character in 400 years !

Macbeth - The Comedy takes us back to a time when men were not necessarily men and ruthless tyrants could also be strict vegetarians.


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