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Shakespeare and Theatre Links


These are the folks! If you're ever in Stratford, take a look at what these folks do. The best productions of "King Lear" and "The Tempest" we've ever seen.

This is a cool place! As accurate a reproduction of the original Globe Theatre as they could get. Join the groundlings in the open-air pit. There's a couple of bricks somewhere in there with our names on them.

There's this guy you see. And he's really into Macbeth. And he's compiled a lot of information and stuck it on a website. Enjoy!

Do you want to learn how to speak the speech? Then this is the place! A resource for actors and anyone else who wants to sound erudite.
The second-best production of "The Tempest" we ever saw. And they do a lot of other cool stuff in NYC too.
The Westbeth -- Not exactly a theatre company per se, but the best sketch comedy showcase in all of New York City.
A theatre and film endeavor. Home to a murderous development guy. Check it out.
A weekly series of one-act plays
by award-winning writers
read by an alternating repertory of guest stars. In NYC, n'est pas.
Gender-bending Shakespeare at its finest.
Applying the concepts of support and fellowship found in a close-knit community (or local pub) to producing theatre and film.
FUN LINKS - It was worth scrolling down here!

From Macbeth - The Comedy: ''Everyone's really happy I became king. Only yesterday I received six cases of Blackadder single malt from well-wishers." This is the genuine article . . . and it's smooth.

An incredible Scottish band who have never received their due. The photo was taken by the keyboard player at a concert in Philadelphia (April 2000). Allison's the one in red. Oh, by the way, the new character "Kilmarnock" is named after TCS's hometown.

Walkers Shortbread -- The staple food for Macbeth - The Comedy. Taste it and find out why Malcolm drools.
THE INSPIRATION!! If you only know Rowan Atkinson from Mr. Bean, you've got to check out this BBC series. Now !
This is where you turn when you need the authentic clan Macbeth tartan to make a fetching mini-dress.
"Somewhere between crap and mediocrity lie French and Saunders." Dawn and Jennifer are the duo who created AbFab and so much more.
Your source for that all-important tartan baseball cap. Also info on Scottish travel here too.
Stephen and Hugh -- another incredibly funny British duo. Check out this fan site for their sketch comedy series. (Go for the Jeeves & Wooster link too.)
Looking for a stuffed "Nessie" to complete your office? (And who isn't.) Shop Scotland can help.
"Are you local?" A sickeningly funny and inventive show where three brilliant guys play (practically) all the characters. Visit this extensive fan site to learn more. You'll never leave.
Drambuie - Another Scottish speciality.
Established 1824. Another classic. Hey, only the best on this set.

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