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JENNIFER LOIA ALEXANDER (Lady Macduff) moved to Oklahoma to drill for oil upon completion of Macbeth-The Comedy. When she's up to it, she also teaches theater on the side.
CHRISTOPHER BRIGGS (Southern Sister) is a North Carolina native, so the accent came easily. Chris has a pleasant baritone voice and has performed in many musicals, including Godspell, Pirates of Penzance, and Hamlet: The Musical. He has performed in Richard II, gone on national tour with A Christmas Carol, and played a drag queen in a little ditty about Andy Warhol.

GARY BROWNLEE (Kilmarnock) has worked at theatres all over the country. He recently performed in New Georges production of the holy mother of hadley new york at the Ohio Theater on Wooster Street. Other performances include The Importance of Being Earnest, Dr. Faustus, and The Cherry Orchard.

BRYAN BRUDEN (Drunken Guard) is a proud employee of the U.S. Postal Service. He is the manager for The Mad Daddies, a New Jersey band, and hosts his own radio show on WRSU. His fascination with show biz stems from his being the middle child. He needs the attention.
ERIKA BURKE (Macbeth) grew up in Hong Kong and Taiwan where she took the Best Actress Award in the IASIS competition for her portrayal of Maggie in Brian Freil's Lovers. She attended the Juilliad School Dance division and completed her training in Theater at New York University's Tisch School. Her professional roles to date are Let It Be Me, with Patrick Stewart, Campbell Scott, and Leslie Caron; Another World on NBC; and an Off-Off Broadway production of the original play Cross Your Heart. Erika currently resides in Los Angeles.
PHILLIP CHRISTIAN (Scary Sister) is the lead singer of the band de Lux, has worked at many regional theatres, and is a graduate of The Yale School of Drama. A few months before shooting Macbeth-The Comedy, the director saw him in a hilarious perfomance as the Moroccan Prince in The Merchant of Venice and knew he had to play one of the Weird Sisters.

MATT DANIELS (Bloody Captain) is an actor, director, producer, teacher, and coach. As an actor he has appeared in various media including the upcoming film, Icarus and Aria; on television in Guiding Light and As the World Turns. He recently directed The Tempest in Tompkins Sq. Park for 2texans Theatre Co. He is a graduate of the Juilliard School Drama Division. Matt was also the verse coach for Macbeth-The Comedy.

TED deCHATELET (Macduff) has appeared in numerous regional theatres around the country, most recently at A Contemporary Theatre in Seattle where he played Jaisu in the world premiere of David Ives' Polish Joke. He can also be seen (with a lot less hair) in the award winning short film Hamlet and His Problems, also from Tristan Films. email Ted

GERALD DOWNEY (Donalbain) landed a national beer commercial after his famous "Irish pub scene" in Macbeth-The Comedy. Coincidence? You be the judge.
SEAN ELIAS-REYES (Angus) flew to London immediately upon wrapping Macbeth-The Comedy to perform in Anthony Pennino's Survivors. New York stage work includes Macduff in Macbeth, As You Like It, Cymbeline, and Washington Square Dreams. He recently played the title role in The Death of King Arthur, a new play written in verse. He and Michael (Sassy Sister) have started a new production company called The Local in NYC.

SHANNON EMERICK (Porter) various television, film, and theatre roles; National Winner of the English-Speaking Union's National Shakespeare Recitation Competition; Presidential Scholar in the Performing Arts; Yale University (B.A.).


DUDLEY FINDLAY, JR (Banquo) has appeared in numerous films, including Sidestreets, Stringers, Sleepers, and Chocolate Babies. On television, he has been seen on Lateline, New York Undercover, DellaVentura, and Now and Again. In addition to acting, Dudley is a writer, director, and producer. His company, FindKind Productions, has staged a number of shows, including Sometimes You Gotta Let the People Know with his sister Traci Lynne Kindell.

JULIET FURNESS (Lady Macbeth) hails from New Zealand where she performed in both contemporary and classical works. She has since played the romantic lead in Outskirts (Venice Film Festival). Her television work includes NBC's Law and Order, Dream Street (pilot), and Ray Bradbury (Canadian TV). Juliet has also appeared in many New York theatre productions, including Women of Troy and Camille Paglia/Larry Flynt Together Again.

SCOTT GALBRAITH (Ross) recently returned to New York from a stint with BlueJacket Theater in Ohio. He's now an honorary Clevelander.
BEN HODGES (Murderer 1) was recently seen in the Wendy Macleod's Things Being What They Are, which his Visionary Works Theatre Company co-produced with the Drama Desk Award-winning Barrow Group Theatre Company. He was an original member of the ground-breaking cable soap opera Sixth Floor Harrison and is currently the Director of Development for FatChance Productions, a theatrical/film production company developing their successful all-girl rock stage musical Prey for Rock and Roll into a soon to be released feature film. email Ben
DAVID HUBER (Lennox) has worked at many regional theatres accross the country. Being classically trained, this film marks the fourth production of Macbeth that David has been in, and by far the funniest. Originally from Arizona, he now lives in New York, and was most recently seen in Romeo & Juliet at Pittsburgh Public Theatre. David received his MFA degree from the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego.
LORENZO HUGHES (Fleance) has apeared in recurring roles on One Life To Live and Loving, and has been featured on New York Undercover and The Cosby Show. Theater includes A Matter of Color for the American Theatre of Actors and the lead role in Passing for the Towne Street Theater.
MICHAEL COLBY JONES (Sassy Sister) having played the Scot himself, and trained at LAMDA, had a ball spinning the bard's Weird Sister into a NYC Salon Stylist. Indie and Short fans that know Michael as Captain Karl in Andrew Fleisher's The Pledge will get a kick out of him here. Recently, Michael received rave reviews for his portrayal of Lancelot in Gorilla Rep's production of Matthew Freeman's Death of King Arthur. He and Sean (Angus) have started a new production company called The Local in NYC.
HUGH KELLY (Malcolm) has performed on the New York stage in Street Scene, All's Well that Ends Well (Judith Shakespeare Co.), and The Merry Wives of Windsor (Manhattan Playhouse), among others. Regionally, he played Romeo for Shakespeare in Delaware Park and spent a season with American Players Theatre. TV work includes All My Children. Visit Hugh's website.

JOHN LITTLE (Duncan) relied on his Yale training to play the stupidest British king since George III said "I'm a little short of cash. Run out to the American colonies and get me a few bob."

DOUG LOCKWOOD (Murderer 2) favorite acting roles include Jack in the 1989 Edinburgh Festival Production of Jack and Jill Went up the Hill to Fetch Their Sexuality; Evil Sylvesterious in The Hussy Chronicles which was performed in the Go-Go Room at Show World in Times Square and his recent role as Chet Rockman in Bob the Dragon with the 52nd Street Project in New York City. Doug is a very proud uncle of seven. He is also quite tall.
BRIAN MURRAY and DANIEL MURRAY (Macduff's sons) are the grateful beneficiaries of nepotism. When not playing hockey, Daniel has performed with New Jersey-based Summer Stage (most recently in The Wizard of Oz). Brian performs at home to the delight of his family and dog.
LISA REZAC (Elizabeth) has played Fleance and Ross in stage versions of Macbeth. She also played the title role in Miss Julie for Theater Studio Inc. Film and TV work include Bad Hair Day and Melrose Place.
FLORENCE STURGEON (Doctor) may be known to many as "Alice" in the Off-Off-Broadway staging and national tour of The Brady Bunch (the complete TV series). Her extensive training with the AMA pays off in this hilarious turn as Lady Macbeth's attending physician.


ALLISON L. LiCALSI (Writer/Director) is a New York based filmmaker. Her Aegis Award-winning short film, Hamlet and His Problems, appeared on for two years and was screened at the 1998 Long Island Film Festival, where it received notice for the direction and depth of characters. She is currently in post-production on 415 Monroe Street, a feature length documentary she directed about a group of Italian-American families who lived in the same Hoboken, New Jersey tenement house as Frank Sinatra. Allison studied film making at Film/Video Arts in New York City where her student film Waiting for Dave was recognized for its dreamlike quality. Allison developed her film making skills at Motion Picture Pro in New York and also studied independent film making with the Hollywood Film Institute. Before turning to film, Allison was an art historian who wrote and lectured on subjects such as Picasso and the Bloomsbury circle. She also served on the editorial board of the international Rutgers Art Review. In 1994, she decided to forego a promising academic career as an art historian in order to pursue her aspiration to write and direct films. It was a research trip to Kings College, Cambridge University that led to the development of her first feature-length screenplay, Soliloquy.
Her newest screenplay, Practically Virgins, is in development. It is a contemporary romantic comedy about three college friends set in New York. Macbeth - The Comedy is her feature directing debut. (Read the Asbury Park Press profile of Allison)

PATRICK MURRAY (Producer/Executive Producer/Editor)
worked in market research prior to film making. In 1997, he and Allison LiCalsi formed their own production company, Tristan Films. He is currently finishing production on 415 Monroe Street, a documentary about six Italian-American families who lived in the same Hoboken tenement house as Frank Sinatra. He is set to produce a series of short films dramatizing the poetry of the Romantics, to be directed by LiCalsi in late 2001.

ANDREW BELLWARE (Production Sound/Post Production Audio/Composer)
has been working as a sound designer and recordist for 10 years and is the founder of Braidwood Entertainment Group. In addition to free-lance film, television, and industrial production work, he designed the sound for Apostasy, a feature film he also wrote and directed (and which also starred Juliet Furness as Lucipher). He is the resident composer and sound designer for Manhattan Theatre Source. His musical group, Prague Spring, has released four albums. (This guy is a true Renaissance Man.)

trained at the School for Visual Arts in New York. Since then she has worked as assistant editor on a number of film and television projects. Notable among these is the PBS special A Walk Down 42nd Street with David Hartman. Recently, she worked as first assistant editor on Jump Tomorrow, the 2001 Sundance feature which has been picked up for national distribution, and The Jimmy Show, directed by Frank Whaley. Macbeth - The Comedy is her first feature length project as editor.

ROBERT LENART (Assistant Producer/Grip/Best Boy)
was found working in the kitchen at a holiday party. He wasn't doing anything for the following few weeks, so he came on board Macbeth - The Comedy and proved to be the hardest working man in show business. After that experience, Rob is now majoring in Film at Rutgers University, much to his mother's chagrin.

ANNELIESE PAULL (Director of Photography)
received her BFA from the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television at New York University in 2000. She has lensed more than a dozen shorts on 35 mm, 16 mm, and DV. In 1999, she was awarded a grant to shoot a 35 mm short in Prague. Macbeth - The Comedy is her first feature length project.

MATT DANIELS (Dialogue/Verse Coach), in addition to what is listed in his cast bio, has worked Off-Off Broadway with Kirk Wood Bromley's Inverse Theatre, for whom he has created numerous roles, and Gorilla Rep. for whom he has played many classical roles, including Bottom in the annual A Midsummer Night's Dream in Washington Square Park. As Artistic Director of Tyrannosaurus rep, he produced and directed acclaimed versions of The Winter's Tale and Euripides' Elektra, both of which starred the amazingly beautiful and talented Carrie Grace Murphy. He is the Company Manager for Food for Thought Productions, a series of One-Act play readings at the National Arts Club. Matt is also the creator and director of Cues & All: the cutting edge verse workshop, a forum for actors to hone their verse performance skills. (And he's damn good at it too.)




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