Take one power hungry lesbian couple. Throw in a slow-witted king, a Caribbean sidekick, a trio of flamboyantly gay "weird sisters," and a whole host of other misfits.
And what do you have?
Why, Macbeth, of course !

Drawing on the tradition of Monty Python and BlackAdder, Macbeth - The Comedy takes us back to a time when men were not necessarily men and ruthless tyrants could also be strict vegetarians.

"A surprisingly enjoyable goof: Macbeth as if rewritten by the staff of The Onion. Director/screenwriter Allison L. LiCalsi toys with Shakespearean conventions to great comic effect." Philadelphia Citypaper

[Macbeth the Comedy] subscribes to an entertaining form of literalism that paradoxically liberates Shakespeare's metaphor-laden language ... the effect is the equivalent of Macbeth on a truth serum."

Courtney Lehmann in Shakespeare the Movie II

New York International
Independent Film & Video Festival
Audience Award:
Best Feature !!!

Philadelphia International
Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Fest pick: "Funniest Film"

Mardi Gras Film Festival
Sydney, Australia

York Independent
Film Festival (UK)

"A new take on Shakespeare's Scottish play, this film will have you rolling in the aisles. The script is hugely funny, the acting is first-rate."

Out on Film
Palm Springs Festival

"...a witty retelling"

Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

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Macbeth - The Comedy



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