Scene: A Secluded English Seaside Town
Stephen Linton is a classically trained stage actor who has made the transition to Hollywood movie stardom. While fame has brought him plenty of cash, his choice of roles has resulted in bad reviews and self-doubts. At the same time, his wife Helena and his best friend from acting school are achieving critical acclaim on the London stage.

When Stepehen is offered the opportunity to play Hamlet in a major production, he believes that he is no longer capable of such a role. He convinces Helena to spend some time away from it all at their West Norfolk cottage. There he receives a letter from a fan that includes a T.S. Eliot essay entitled "Hamlet and His Problems." Stephen is intrigued by this coincidence and agrees to meet the fan for lunch.

The "fan" turns out to be an American Jesuit priest (Michael Tennant) teaching in England who has a penchant for sending essays to people he does not know. The lunch date turns into weeks spent lodging with the couple. The priest's presence forces Stephen to deal with self-doubts and also provokes Helena to deal with issues from her own childhood. Through his eccentric behavior, the priest brings Stephen and Helena closer together and convinces Stephen that he is capable of playing Hamlet.

Developed from a feature length script, this short film (trt 8 minutes) unveils the moment when Stephen and Helena first meet this "fan." To paraphrase Stephen, "It's not every fan who invites himself over to tell you how you have not been living up to your abilities." And it's not every actor who actually enjoys being treated in that way.

"Hamlet and His Problems" was featured at the Long Island Film Festival and appeared on for more than two years. For more information about the short film or the feature-length screenplay, please contact Tristan Films.


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Ted deChatelet
Juliet Furness
Scott Galbraith

Allison L. LiCalsi
Allison L. LiCalsi
Ralph Toporoff
Patrick Murray
Calle Borresen (fnf)
Amy Bostwick
Richard Pepperman
Fanny Lee
Bernard Spencer
John D'Aquino
John Stevens
Ray Frech

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